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Smoke Alarms

Red Smoke Alarm Controller

We install Australian made Red Smoke Alarms, which have been designed to be of the highest quality with outstanding reliability.

"Australia's best smoke alarm"

Every Red smoke alarm has to pass countless quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that your alarms are the most reliable, functional smoke alarms in Australia.

Red is the only brand of smoke alarms in Australia that come with a 10 year warranty across the entire range. Approved for Queensland Government housing installations.

  • 240v smoke alarm with 9v battery back-up
  • 240v smoke alarm with rechargeable battery
  • 10 year RF wireless smoke alarm
  • Smoke alarm controller (instantly silence alarms that are going off)
Key Benefits
All Red smoke alarms are photoelectric, of the highest quality and certified to Australian Standard AS3786-2014.
Every Red smoke alarm comes with a 10 year warranty - guaranteeing the smoke alarms for the life of the smoke alarm.
Instantly silence alarms that are going off. Instantly locate which alarm is false alarming. Allows tenants to deal with false alarms - instantly and easily. Silence alarms by simply pressing one button on the wall.