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Tesla Car Charging

Tesla Car Charging

We install Tesla Charging Stations. Charging your Telsa vehicle at home is very convenient.

It is recommended to install your home charging equipment prior to taking delivery of your car.

Multi-Unit Dwellings

Always ensure you have approval to install home charging. This is getting easier to obtain, due to the prevalence of EV vehicles.

Typically included:
  • Professional installation service and materials
  • Permit/Certificate
  • Inspection
  • Installation warranty
Typically additional:
  • Long cable run (distance from switchboard panel to installation site)
  • Additional sub panel
  • Trenching/digging (underground cable run)
  • Switchboard upgrade
  • Stand/mounting required
  • Concealed cabling
Considerations for your Installation
Wall Connector is equipped with Wi-Fi to communicate with local site routers, vehicles, mobile devices, other Wall Connectors, and other Tesla products. Test the location with a mobile phone. If there is Wi-Fi access on a mobile phone, generally the Tesla unit will also have access.
The maximum height (indoor or outdoor) is 1.52 m. The recommended height is 1.15 m.
The Wall Connector needs to be in a location that allows the charge cable to reach the vehicle charge port without putting strain on the cable.