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General Electrical Work

LED Lighting Upgrades

LEDs are better value for money than incandescent and halogen light bulbs.

Test and Tag

Depending on the use of the electrical equipment there is an interval period defined in the Queensland Electrical Safety Act.

Switchboard and mains upgrades

The wire fuses of older homes present a fire hazard.

Power Points and Safety Switches

Take advantage of the amazing styles of power points available.

Installing a Spit System Air Conditioner

  • Mounting + Holes
  • Piping + Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Piping + Seal
Split System Air Conditioiner Mounting Step1

Step 1: Secure the mounting brackets

You and our technician need to choose a suitable location for the indoor unit. The ideal location should be reasonably central in the room, not have existing pipes or cables, preferably have studs in the wall for extra support and preferably be out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat that will affect the air conditioner's performance.

Once you've chosen a location, the mounting brackets that will support the indoor unit can be secured to the wall.

Step 2: Drill holes for the connections

Our technician will next mark a hole on the mounting plate and drill a small hole all the way through the wall to the outside. It's vital to check that there are no electrical or plumbing connections in the part of the wall being drilled.

Step 3: Run the pipes and wiring through

Once the holes are drilled, the technician can feed the electrical wiring, air tubing and drainage lines through. These will connect the indoor and outdoor parts of the system. These lines should be supplied with the system and should already be adequately insulated.

Step 4: Mount and secure the indoor unit

The technician will connect up the indoor part of the system and fix it to the wall on the mounting brackets. They may tilt it back at a slight angle, as this helps with drainage.

Mount and Secure Indoor Unit
Mount Outdoor Unit Step5

Step 5: Mount the outdoor unit

The outdoor condenser unit is the largest and heaviest part of the system, so it needs to be well secured. Ground floor units are normally installed on a new or existing concrete slab. Units on higher floors will need to be secured in strong mounting brackets.

The distance between the indoor and outdoor units should be as close as possible to avoid having to extend the connections, ideally within 15 metres.

Step 6: Connect the outdoor unit

Once the outdoor unit has been secured, the technician will connect the power cable and other lines to the correct outlets. The refrigerant tubing should be vacuumed and tested for leaks before it's connected.

Step 7: Fix the piping to the wall

If the pipes need to travel along the wall before they reach the outdoor unit, fix them in place securely with clamps that should be provided in the kit.

Step 8: Seal the hole

Now your split system air conditioner installation is complete, the hole in the wall should be sealed using insulating foam to prevent heat loss. Leave the foam to dry for as long as the packaging instructs before turning on your new air conditioner.

Spilt System Air Conditioner Piping

Whether you are looking at cooling one room or an entire house a Split System Inverter will save you.

Air Conditioning Specials

Servicing Special


  • Save Electricity
  • Free Gecko Deterrent
  • Disinfect

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