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Split System with Ventilation

Split system air conditioners circulate air in a room but do not bring in fresh air. Most home air conditioners are split systems.

If you have a split system, keep it on, but keep a window, vent or door open too to bring in fresh air.

Increased 'density' is the buzzword of governments trying to solving the rental affordability crisis.

With increased density comes a lack of ventilation or fresh air.

Vernado Personal Air Circulator

Use a fan or a 'Personal Air Circulator'

There is a difference between the $10 desktop fan and a quality brand like the Vernado Personal Air Circulator (image above).

  • It will not rust
  • Low noise
  • Fits in a window

redirect Airflow

You can also redirect air flow of a split system air conditioner. Just bringing in a small amount of fresh air is effective because the split system will help circulate that air.